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Uniform Information

Uniform Information

FORMAL: Blue vest and bow tie (loaned by the band), white pleated front wing collar tuxedo shirt, black pants or long skirt, black shoes and socks or hose. Fasten service pins to the upper left area of the vest (not on the lapel).  Please note: Vest and bow tie are dry clean only.


BLUE: Blue polo shirt with Kingdom of the Sun Band logo (loaned by the band), black pants, black shoes and socks or hose. Blue polo shirt is machine washable after turning it inside out.


To obtain or return uniforms, please see Janet Voyles. Note that it is the responsibility of each band member to return your vest, tie and blue polo shirt clean when no longer playing with the band. If lost or damaged, the band member will be responsible for its replacement at a cost of:

  • $15 - Vest

  • $10 - Blue Bow Tie

  • $5 - Black Bow Tie

  • $20 - Blue Polo Shirt

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